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California City

Started in 2014. More information to be posted later.

• Current California City Workshop Schedule

• CDCR-CAC Web Site


Started in 2015. More information to be posted later.

• Current Lancaster Workshop Schedule

• CDCR-LAC Web Site

Sorry, AVP is not currently active in the prisons or in the community due to the Corona Virus-19.

HOWEVER, we are providing workshops via Zoom online meetings. These workshops require participants having a pc, laptop or tablet capable of handling all Zoom functionality (easier if also using a mouse or similar). Contact us regarding scheduled workshops (from anywhere in the country). Although smart phones work, they are very difficult to use during these workshops and we do not recommend using smart phones for this purpose.

Stay healthy and safe.

For more information, contact the AVP office at 661-942-3025


2009 found folks in the San Joaquin Valley area being trained by facilitators from AVP-California. Greg Seastrom, Joan Cowan and Ruth Persky were instrumental in the 2010 launching of a workshop program in California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (CSATF) in Corcoran. Inmates transferred to CSATF who had been trained as AVP facilitators earlier at CCI in Tehachapi became an immediate and solid foundation for this new program. The primary responsibility for administration of CSATF's AVP program has since been taken on by the local facilitation team in that area. Diana facilitates and assists there periodically.



• California Institute for Women (CIW) & California Institute for Men (CIM)

AVP-Antelope valley assisted with lead training at the CIW.

• CDCR-CIW Web Site

• CDCR-CIM Web Site

• Herman G. Stark Youth Training Facility

AVP-Antelope Valley assisted with facilitation at the Herman G. Stark facility. (closed/merged)

Other California Prison Workshops

• AVP-California

• For Schedules, Contact Individuals Listed for Each Area:

• Contacts:

• Southern California

• Central Coast California

• San Joaquin Valley California

• Northern California

Note: Some groups also offer community workshops.

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